What is a mutual fund?

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"“mutual fund” means a fund established in the form of a trust to raise monies through the sale of units to the public or a section of the pubic under one or more schemes for investing in securities, money market instruments, gold or gold related instruments, real estate assets and such other assets and instruments as may be specified by the Board from time to time.

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Mutual Fund Definition – investopedia.com


A mutual fund is a type of financial vehicle made up of a pool of money collected from many investors to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other assets.

FAQ What is a mutual fund?

What is mutual fund?

What is Mutual Fund? Definition of Mutual Fund, Mutual Fund Meaning - The Economic Times Multicap Funds are diversified mutual funds which can invest in stocks across market capitalization. Net asset value (NAV) is the value of a fund's asset less the value of its liabilities per unit.

What are the different types of mutual funds?

Other common types of mutual funds are money market funds, sector funds, equity funds, alternative funds, smart-beta funds, target-date funds and even funds-of-funds, or mutual funds that buy shares of other mutual funds.

What is buying a mutual fund like?

Buying a mutual fund is like buying a small slice of a big pizza. The owner of a mutual fund unit gets a proportional share of the fund’s gains, losses, income and expenses. The fund’s objective is laid out in the fund's prospectus, which is the legal document that contains information about the fund, its history, its officers and its performance.

Is a mutual fund an alternative investment option?

A mutual fund is not an alternative investment option to stocks and bonds, rather it pools the money of several investors and invests this in stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other types of securities. Buying a mutual fund is like buying a small slice of a big pizza.

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What the Heck Is a Mutual Fund?

Trading 101: What is a Mutual Fund?


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