Vintage gimbel brothers gimbels department store credit charge card token tag

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1. Charge Cards – The Department Store Museum

The owner of one of the greatest collections of old department store charge cards in the country has voluntarily shared photographs of them with the Department (1)…

Charge-Plates, similar to today’s department store credit cards, were issued by large-scale shops to their frequent clients. In some circumstances, the plates (2) are broken…

In the Credit Card article, there is a vintage GIMBEL BROTHERS GIMBELS Department Store Credit Charge “Charge card coin”/”Charge card token.”



Gimbel Brothers Ny Dept Store – VINTAGE METAL Credit Charge Card Coin Tag Plate – $34.95. AVAILABLE FOR SALE! Authentic vintage early 1900s “credit card” from (5)…

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In fine used condition, we have an antique Gimbels Brothers Dept store credit charge coin fob card. Take a look at the photos to see the condition and value of this (6)…

3. Gimbel Brothers Vintage Credit Charge Coin Keychain Fob
Gimbel Brothers NEW YORK trade token vintage Credit Charge Coin keychain fob
Below is some information I found on the internet.
Gimbel Brothers (Gimbels) was a department store in the United States (7)…

Original/authentic Gimbel Brothers department store “credit card” from the early 1900s. These were only given to high-society ladies and gentlemen (8)…


Antique Metal Charge Coin from Gimbels Department Store These were the forerunners to today’s plastic Charge Cards. The design and feel of these metal tokens are (9)…

From 1887 to 1987, Gimbel Brothers (often known as Gimbels) was an American department store chain that lasted a century.


Gimbels Charge Coin – From 1887 through the late twentieth century, Gimbel Brothers (Gimbels) was a prominent American department store.


Because the credit card scheme was being phased down, some major department stores began issuing credit coins or tokens to (12)….

Charge cards vs. credit cards allow you to pay payments both online and offline. Vintage gimbel brothers gimbels department store credit charge card token tag (13)…

5. Charge card – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Credit Cards VS Charge Cards: Pros and Cons — Previous PostVintage gimbel brothers gimbels department store credit charge card token tag (14)…

VINTAGE NAUMS DEPARTMENT STORE CATALOG 1979 HOUSEHOLD CLOTHING ETC in Books, Store Charge Plate Credit Card Token 1940s Matchbook Goldsmith Bros….

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J. R. RONALD This dissertation investigates department store radio stations of the earliest employees of Gimbel’s WIP in Philadelphia and is cited by 8…

Gimbel Brothers, Philadelphia, Pensylvania – The …

Unfortunately the new store was pretty boring. Wish I’d seen the original location. Somewhere I still have my Gimbels credit card. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Anonymous 09 January, 2011 17:25. My Aunt worked for Gimbels from the 1940’s thru her retirement in 1978, having come to Gimbels from Lit Brothers as a “Sales Girl” and working her way up to Buyer for “Ladies …

Gimbel Brothers, New York City, New york – The Department Store …

My first credit card was Gimbels back in the mid-1960s. They refunded me for a pair of knit pants that stretched in length when dry cleaned a year later. In the 1960s this was a major event for me. Back in 1964, I walked the Gimbels “underpass” to catch a West Side subway to my job. In the 1970’s I ascended Pennsylvania Station to enter Gimbels from a side street to …

FAQ vintage gimbel brothers gimbels department store credit charge card token tag

Can you get a credit card from Gimbels?

If you had a full-time job, or you were a student with a work-study grant, you could easily get a credit card from Gimbels. Gimbels was one of the first Department Stores to issue a credit card to me, and I still have some of the things I bought there.

What credit cards did not exist in the Gimbels era?

MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card did not exist. Gimbels’ credit cards were made of tin or stainless steel. Computers, barcodes, and electronic scanning machines had not been invented yet.

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What is the Gimbel Brothers department store museum?

The Department Store Museum: Gimbel Brothers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The online museum of North America’s independent department stores. The museum holds all sorts of information about classic department stores which either no longer exist, or are changed beyond recognition.

Does Gimbels have a coin department?

In the 70s the main Philly Gimbels also had a coins (numismatic) department on the Street Floor on Market, separate from all the jewelry depts. listed at the top of the page. It was worked by a guy named Joe. I was a kid starting a collection and Joe was really nice and helpful to me.

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