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Walgreens Photo Prices is one of the latest ventures from one of the United States’ leading drugstore chains. With more than 7,500 stores across the country, Walgreens takes advantage of its vast coverage to offer pick-up services for printing equipment. 

It is not the first one to have this option and is in intense competition from certain competitors. But, it is a sign of the company’s commitment to the mission it set out in the year 1901.

Walgreens Photo Prices

Its goal was to provide high-quality pharmacies as well as photo and daily needs for everyone in the nation. Below are the most recent.

Walgreens prices for photos



Prints & Enlargements

4×6 (75 or more)$0.20
4×6 Wallets$0.99

Photo Cards & Invitations

4×8 Flat$0.99
4×8 Flat (set of 20)$14.99
5×7 (set of 20)$16.99
5×7 Folded Card$1.99
5×7 Double-Sided Cardstock$1.99
5×7 Double-Sided Cardstock (set of 20)$29.99

Photo Books

8.5×11 Black Linen Cover$19.99
8.5×11 Black Leather Cover$29.99
8.5×11 Custom Cover$29.99





Board Prints


Peel, Stick & Reuse Posters





8.5×11 Wall Calendar$19.99

Products and Services

When it comes to the products as well as services Walgreens Photo specializes in printing solutions for photo prints that are customized to fit the preferences of the customer. 

Similar to other printing services for photos the products and services offered could include photo cards that are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes including 4×8, 5×7 collage, folded notes, note cards, and numerous others.

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 Additionally, they also offer additional common products of a print shop for photos like passport photos ($12 to buy two 2-by-2 inch photographs) as well as standard printing and photos that are enlarged, prices that begin at $0.30 per piece, and many other. Walgreens Photo prices are on an equal footing with other stores.

You can also purchase photographs in different formats that are intended as gifts. For instance, canvas prints are very popular for capturing crucial moments like the first moments of your child’s life. 

An old-fashioned photo album is never out of fashion, be it be a gift for Mother’s Day or a diary of your child’s growth into a teenager! Calendars are also available. They are never out of fashion and make great gifts for anyone you can imagine. If you require posters to promote your business the service is offered.

For other services that are typical of a printing shop, you can have the following completed at the local Walgreens branch, and the possibility of online ordering such as DVD transfers, assistance with photo blogging magazines, covers for magazines pages for scrapbooks, other similar services. 

There is also a large range of items designed to be used for different occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. So, acquiring an enormous tarpaulin, as well with invitation cards you need for your child’s birthday party or personal address labels that you can use for the wedding or even basic save the date cards could be an easy job and many are ready to be picked up the very same day you place you place your order.

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Why Choose Walgreens Photo

What is what makes Walgreens Photo more well-known, but, is the customized products and services as is the case with all photo printing businesses however Walgreens is a step above the rest. 

There, you can pick virtually any type of present item, including mouse pads, key chains glasses, clothing ornaments for the holiday’s electronics, holiday ornaments, and similar items, and print your image on the items. 

This is the most personalized gift you’ll ever find. This along with regular discounts and promotions for loyal customers makes Walgreens Photo a good choice. Additionally, Walgreens Photo prices are competitive against its competitors at the beginning.

For more details on Walgreens Photo.

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Walgreens Photo FAQs

Q1. How long does Walgreens keep photos in store?

How long will the store keep my order? The local store will store your purchase for about 195 days before rescinding. For a request for a refund, make contact with a Walgreens.com agent at 866-264-3010.

Q2. How do I print a 2×2 photo at Walgreens?

Because Walgreens does not take 2”x2” prints directly. We have to buy four”x6” photos which are made up of two to three identical” 2″ passport photographs. The price is 35 cents! The item can be picked up the next day from your local retailer.

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Q3.  Are Walgreens photo prints good quality?

Walgreens Photo offers a good range of sizes for prints, and although the print quality is not among the top we’ve tested, however, it’s still acceptable. It also costs a bit extra for the convenience of using it: Walgreens offers one of the most expensive photo printing services we’ve tested.

Q4. How long will Walgreens hold your prescription?

Walgreens stores store prescriptions up to seven days after the prescription are filled, and during this time they make between two and three reminder calls to customers. The prescriptions that are not filled are kept on file for six months in the case of controlled substances, and for until one calendar year with all other drugs. What’s the deal?

Walgreens photo near Me

Walgreens photo prints official site Link:- www. photo.walgreens.com/


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