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How to Transfer Money from One Bank Account to …

Transfer money from one Bank to another Bank account via NEFT- National Electronics Fund Transfer. Log in to the your internet banking account. On the main page, click on ‘Fund transfer’. From the drop down menu that appears, select ‘NEFT’. Note that you need to ‘Add beneficiary’ to the list of …

How to transfer money to someone else’s bank account: …

How to link your accounts: Log in to the account you plan to send money from, and look for an option to “add an account,” “add external accounts,” or “link accounts.”. You might find those options (or something similar) in your bank’s Customer Service or Transfers menu. Provide the other bank’s routing number and your account number at that bank.

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FAQ How to transfer money to another bank account

How can I transfer money from one bank to another?

You also typically have the option to transfer money by writing a check and depositing the money into the other bank account. And finally, another popular way of sending money is with money transfer apps that connect to your bank account and allow you to quickly transfer money to friends and family.

How do I transfer money from an online savings account?

In that case, you can connect your online savings account with your regular checking account and set up an “external transfer.” To transfer money to an external account, you will need the bank routing number and account number for both accounts—the external account receiving the transfer and the account from which you are transferring money.

How do I deposit money into someone else's bank account?

You can then deliver the cash to the owner of the recipient bank account in person, allowing them to deposit it themselves, or you can go to a branch of their bank and ask to deposit money into their bank account. You’ll need some of their personal details in order to deposit it, including their full name and account number.

How do I send money to a bank account?

Send money to a bank account directly The most convenient option for your recipient is likely to be sending money to their bank account directly. You’ll usually be able to do this through your regular bank or using a specialist third party provider.

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How to transfer money to other bank accounts


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