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Domino’s Pizza Restaurant Menu


Are you searching for the entire Dominos Menu with prices? Check out this article. We’ve updated the full Dominos Menu and prices below, which includes the complete pizza menu, the sides and drinks menu, as well as an updated page of Dominos Coupons, discounts, and specials.

The menu you will access on Dominos website doesn’t contain prices, instead it only gives a brief description. So we’ve decided to provide the complete Dominos pizza menu to allow customers to explore at your leisure. 

Note that the pizza prices might differ slightly from outlet to outlet, however the national promotions are available throughout the nation.

Domino’s Pizza (also known as Domino’s) is an American international chain of pizza restaurants established by James Monaghan.

Domino's Pizza Menu With Prices

Tom Monaghan and Dominick DiVarti in the year 1960. Like many success tales, Dominos started small, with only one location. But today, there are over 18,000 locations. It took an extended time to bring them there. But it was well worth it.

Dominos Cheese Pizzas Menu 2022

Cheese Pizzas Menu

Hand Tossed0$5.99
Hand Tossed$7.99
Hand Tossed$9.99
Handmade Pan$7.99
Crunchy Thin Crust$5.99
Crunchy Thin Crust$7.99
Crunchy Thin Crust$9.99
Brooklyn Style$9.99
Brooklyn Style$11.99
Gluten Free Crust$8.99

Dominos Specialty Chicken Menu 2022

Specialty Chicken Menu

Spicy Bacon Tomato$ 6.49
Spicy Jalapeno Pineapple$ 6.49
Classic Hot Buffalo$ 6.49
Sweet BBQ Bacon$ 6.49
Chicken Bacon Carbonara (Artisan Crust)$ 7.99
Spinach & Feta (Artisan Crust)$ 7.99
Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie (Artisan Crust)$ 7.99
Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio (Artisan Crust)$ 7.99
Wisconsin 6 Cheese (Hand Tossed)$ 15.99
Honolulu Hawaiian (Hand Tossed)$ 15.99
Philly Cheese Steak (Hand Tossed)$ 15.99
Pacific Veggie (Hand Tossed)$ 15.99
Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch™ (Hand Tossed)$ 15.99
Fiery Hawaiian™ (Hand Tossed)$ 15.99
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed)$ 15.99
Memphis BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed)$ 15.99

Dominos Feast Pizza Menu 2022

Feast Pizza Menu

Extravaganza Feast Pizza$18.99
Ultimate Pepperoni Feast Pizza$18.99
America’s Favorite Feast Pizza$18.99
Deluxe Feast Pizza$18.99
Meatza Feast Pizza$18.99
Bacon Cheeseburger Feast Pizza$18.99

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Dominos Chicken Wings Menu 2022

Chicken Wings

Boneless Chicken$ 5.99
Boneless Chicken$ 9.99
Boneless Chicken$ 25.99
Wings$ 6.49
Wings$ 10.99
Wings$ 25.99
Specialty Chicken – Crispy Bacon & Tomato$ 5.99
Specialty Chicken – Classic Hot Buffalo$ 5.99
Specialty Chicken – Spicy Jalapeno – Pineapple$ 5.99
Specialty Chicken – Sweet BBQ Bacon$ 5.99

Dominos Oven Baked Sandwiches Menu 2022

Oven Baked Sandwiches

Italian Sausage and Peppers Sandwich$ 6.99
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$ 6.99
Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich$ 6.99
Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Sandwich$ 6.99
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Habanero Sandwich$ 6.99
Italian Sandwich$ 6.99
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich$ 6.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich$ 6.99
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Dominos Pasta Menu 2022


Chicken Alfredo (Dish)$ 5.99
Chicken Alfredo (Bread Bowl)$ 6.99
Italian Sausage Marinara (Dish)$ 5.99
Italian Sausage Marinara (Bread Bowl)$ 6.99
Pasta Primavera (Dish)$ 6.99
Pasta Primavera (Bread Bowl)$ 7.99
Build Your Own Pasta (Dish)$ 6.99
Build Your Own Pasta (Bread Bowl)$ 7.99
Chicken Carbonara (Dish)$ 6.99
Chicken Carbonara (Bread Bowl)$ 7.99

Dominos Breads Menu 2022


Stuffed Cheesy Bread$7.49
Stuffed Cheesy Bread With Bacon and Jalapeno$6.99
Stuffed Cheesy Bread With Spinach and Feta$6.99
Side of Dipping Sauce$0.69
Specialty Boneless Wings$6.49
Bread Twist$7.49

Domino’s Sauces Menu 2022


Kicker Hot Sauce$ 0.59
Sweet Mango Habanero Sauce$ 0.59
BBQ Sauce$ 0.59
Ranch$ 0.59
Blue Cheese$ 0.59
Garlic Dipping Sauce$ 0.59
Icing Dipping Sauce$ 0.59
Marinara Dipping Sauce$ 0.59
Creamy Caesar Dressing$ 0.59
Golden Italian Dressing$ 0.59

Dominos Pizza Menu Changes

Dominos is the second largest pizza restaurant chain within the Usa behind Pizza Hut, but the most popular worldwide. The Domino’s menu was used to comprise a pizza that came in the sizes of (12-inch as well as 16 inches) with a variety of eleven toppings, as well as Coca Cola for the only drink choice.
However, following Domino’s introduction of deep dish pizza also known as pan pizza in 1989, the trend changed, since it was found out that 40 percent of American pizza patrons liked large crusts. 

The year 2003 saw Domino’s launched its first brand new pizza in the past three years it was The Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. The company launched special pizzas in 2009 that contain 40 percent more cheese than regular pizzas. Other Italian-inspired dishes such as pasta, chicken bites , and baked sandwiches have been launched.

Note that the prices for Dominos listed here are subject to change at any moment and may differ at the local restaurant.

Popular Menu Items

If you’re planning to order pizza at Domino’s start by choosing one of the six crust options that include hand-tossed, crispy thin, handmade, Brooklyn Style or Gluten Free. You can then choose from five sauces available: zesty marinara BBQ Robust Inspired Tomato, white garlic sauce, or alfredo.

All you need to do is choose your toppings or select one of the numerous amazing specialty pizzas with the best flavors have been chosen for you. If you’re in a rush, consider one of the numerous Feast Pizza options for toppings packed high.

Domino’s also offers breadsticks as well as chicken wings, pastas, sandwiches, and desserts, so make sure to take a look at the menu items too.

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Here are a few of my favorites on the menu

Domino’s History

Brothers Tom and James Monaghan opened a pizza restaurant in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1960. The restaurant was a success, but James had reservations about quitting his postman job and soon exchanged his portion of the business for a car they purchased to deliver delivery.

Tom extended the business to two more locations in 1965. Then, he transformed the brand name into Dominos as well as developing the brand image of the rapidly growing chain. By the year 1978, employing franchise models, Domino’s Pizza Inc. had grown up to 200 outlets.

In the year 1983 Domino’s began an expansion into the world, starting with Winnipeg, Canada. In 2015, there were more than 10,000 Dominos establishments across the globe across 73 nations. It’s the second-largest pizza chain around the globe.

Domino’s Pizza Nutritional Information


To find out the nutritional breakdown of items in the Domino’s Pizza menu, you will need to go to the link above.

Domino’s Pizza Franchise Details

Domino’s Pizza has more than 16500 outlets in over 85 countries around the globe. The company has its presence known in countries such as those of United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Qatar, Russia and numerous other countries. So if you’d like to establish an Domino’s Pizza franchise, then this is the amount it would cost.

Name of FeeCost
Initial FeeFrom $0 to $10,000
Leasehold ImprovementsFrom $5,000 to $225,000
Furniture, Fixtures, and EquipmentFrom $62,000 to $145,000
SignageFrom $5,200 to $35,000
3 Month’s RentFrom $3,000 to $25,000
Security DepositFrom $1,000 to $10,000
Opening Inventory and SuppliesFrom $2,750 to $6,500
Opening Advertising and PromotionFrom $0 to $3,000
Training ExpensesFrom $1,000 to $3,000
Domino’s PULSE Training ExpensesFrom $1,500 to $1,500
InsuranceFrom $9,000 to $25,000
Miscellaneous Opening CostsFrom $2,500 to $7,000
Additional Funds – 3 MonthsFrom $10,000 to $73,000
ESTIMATED TOTALFrom $102,950 to $569,000

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Domino’s Pizza Contact Information

Domino’s Pizza Corporate Office Address- 30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.Ann Arbor, MI48106

Domino’s Pizza Corporate Phone Number- (734) 930-3030

You can also contact the team of Domino’s Pizza by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page–

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Twitter Handle–

YouTube Channel-

Domino’s Pizza Menu FAQs

What is the 5.99 deal at Dominos?

Customers can select from two to three items, for $5.99 per item. This includes Medium two topping pizzas as well as Bread Twists and salads, marbled Cookie Brownies Specialty Chicken Oven Baked Sandwiches and Stuffed Cheesy Bread and eight-piece meals made of bones-free chicken wings, or pasta served in a dish.

What is the 7.99 deal at Dominos?

The well-known pizza shop has all three topping pizzas at just $7.99 for each, at the participating outlets. (The special excludes XL and special pizzas.) The availability of crusts varies based on size.

What is Domino’s mix and match?

The promotion allegedly advertises two-topping medium pizzas and a variety of other products, including salad, pasta, chicken, and dessert, for $5.99 each, excluding sales tax, as long as the customer purchases at least two items.

What is the perfect combo deal at Dominos?

Domino’s Perfect Combo, featuring some of Domino’s favorite dishes, that are bundled together to create an incredible value. The package includes two medium pizzas with one topping as well as a 2-liter Coca-Cola(r) item, a 16-piece order of Parmesan Bread Bites and an eight-piece package of Cinna Stix(r).

What is Domino’s most popular pizza?

Pepperoni is among the top sought-after Pizza topping from Domino’s across the U.S., followed by bacon, sausage, mushrooms and pineapple.

What is a deluxe pizza from Dominos?

Deluxe comes with pepperoni Italian meat, fresh green peppers and mushrooms, and 100 percent authentic mozzarella cheese. ExtravaganZZa includes ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef and onions, as well as green peppers and mushrooms, as well as black olives and is topped with more mozzarella.

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