Does discover card have foreign transaction fees

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Discover Foreign Transaction Fee

There are no foreign transaction fees to use your Discover card in many countries throughout the world. Action required: Update your browser We noticed that you’re using an old version of your internet browser to access this page.

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Discover card foreign transaction fees A foreign transaction fee is usually charged every single time you use your credit card in a foreign country. They’re often around the 1% to 3% mark – a number that might be small on an individual purchase, but over the course of a whole trip can easily add up.

FAQ does discover card have foreign transaction fees

Does discover have foreign transaction fees?

You are here. Does Discover Have Foreign Transaction Fees? You can use your Discover card in many countries throughout the world with no foreign transaction fees. Discover offers a helpful web page that you can use to find out if your card will be accepted in each country that you visit.

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What are the fees for using my Discover Card while away?

The exact fees for your card will be detailed online or on the back of your card statements. However as an example, here are the standard fees you’ll likely be charged to use your U.S. Discover card while you’re away: $10 or 5%, whichever is greater. Withdrawals from the Discover ATM network have lower fees, or may have fees waived entirely.

How much are credit card foreign transaction fees?

Credit card foreign transaction fees generally range from 0% to 3%, depending on the card and issuer. Discover does not have foreign transaction fees on any of its credit cards. In addition to a 0% foreign transaction fee, the Discover it Miles card comes with even more features. There’s a $0 annual fee.

Can I use my Discover Card internationally?

If Discover is widely accepted in your international destination of choice, you should definitely consider getting a Discover card to bring with you. Discover credit cards are well-suited to the task in the sense that none of them charge foreign transaction fees.

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