Discover It® Cash Back Credit Card Overview

Discover It® Cash Back Credit Card Overview


The Discover It® Cash Back ability to earn money back through the credit card you use is a simple method to save a portion of your everyday expenses. And the Discover It® Cash Back credit card from Discover it(r) cash Back credit Card is the ideal low-risk option to start. 

The Discover It® Cash Back card doesn’t only not have an annual fee however, it also grants you 5 percent cash back for up to $1500 in the quarter on purchases from a rotating category after activating this bonus section (then one percent) and with 1 percent cash back on other purchases.

With its low fee and rewards-earning potential, it can create the Discover the Discover It® Cash Back card a leading contender if you are looking for long-term value. 

However, is it the right credit card to suit your preferences? If you’re not a big fan of the extra effort that is required to keep track of different categories that change and the spending limits for each quarter or the sluggish perks that go beyond rewards, then a credit card with no annual fee card could be better suited to your pocket.

Discover it® Cash Back

Who is the Discover it® Cash Back best for?

The Discover It® Cash Back card is an outstanding card for those who require a substantial cashback rate , which is based on rotating quarterly categories. It also offers solid introduction APR deals on balance transfers and purchases also.

You’ll receive 5% cashback for everyday purchases at a variety of locations each quarter, including and grocery stores restaurants, gas stations and, if you pay with PayPal and up to the maximum quarterly after activation, 1cent cash back on other purchases, immediately.

But, since the categories that rotate change between years, and cardholders have to be able to activate a new category every quarter, some customers might prefer a card with categories that do not change and do not require activation. 

We review how Discover it(r) Cash Back stands out, where Discover it(r) cash Back makes a statement, as well as in the areas where it isn’t and suggest a better Discover card that is worth a look.

Discover it® Cash Back overview

  • INTRO OFFER Unlimited Cashback Match only with Discover. Discover will match the cash you’ve earned at the close of the first year! There’s no minimum amount to spend nor maximum reward. You can turn $150 in money back to $300.
  • Get 5% cashback on your everyday purchases at various locations each quarter, such as and grocery stores restaurants, gas stations, and other restaurants and more. You can pay with PayPal and up to the maximum amount for each quarter when you sign up.
  • Additionally, earn unlimited cashback of 1% on other purchases instantly.
  • Cashback can be redeemed at any amount, at any time. Rewards never expire.
  • Earn rewards when you go to payment.
  • the #1 Trusted Credit Cards according to an Investment’s Business Daily.
  • There is no annual cost.
  • Discover is accepted in the United States by 99percent of establishments that accept credit cards.
  • Credit required:
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The pros and cons associated with Discover it(r) Cash-Back

  • High rate of cashback
  • Categories change as the year progresses from year
  • Cashback match in the first year
  • Rotating categories require activation
  • Intro APR offers
  • There’s a limit on the cashback rate that is higher
  • Annual fee of $0
  • There are cards that offer longer APRs that are introductory.
  • Foreign transaction fee: none

We like our experience with Discover it(r) cash Back


Get 5% cash back for everyday purchases at a variety of locations each quarter, such as supermarkets and restaurants, gas stations, and more. When you pay using PayPal and up to the maximum quarterly after activation, 1cent cash back on other purchases instantly. The cash back you earn can be used in any increment at any point — even after you shut down your account.


Discover it(r) Cash Back Discover it(r) cash Back provides a unique benefit for new cardholders Unlimited Cashback Match exclusively from Discover. Discover will match the cash you’ve earned up to the close of the first year! There is no minimum spend or maximum reward. You can turn $150 in money back to $300.


The card called the Discover it(r) cash Back provides an initial rate for purchases of 0 percent for 14 months, following which an 11.99 percent to 22.99 percent variable APR is applied. The card also offers an intro rate for balance transfers at zero for 14 months after which an 11.99 percent to 22.99 Variable APR of 1% is in effect which makes the card a good choice for those who need to settle high-interest debt from a different card. There’s a per cent intro balance transfer charge as well as a maximum 5percent on subsequent balance transfers (see the conditions)*.

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It is not just that the MasterCard it(r) Cash Back card earn an impressive cashback rate however, you don’t have to spend anything to use the card.


There is no need to fret about paying an additional charge for every transaction you make if you are using this card outside of the United States. Be aware that in certain countries, Discover is less widely accepted as Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

What to look out for when you use the Cash Back program? it(r) cashback


While it is true that the Discover it(r) cash Back provides a substantial cashback rate, the list of cashback categories change every year. Certain categories appear frequently including restaurants and gas stations, however some people might prefer a card with specific rewards categories or one that offers an annual cash-back rate for every purchase, regardless of the category.


If you don’t sign up for the cashback category that is being introduced each quarter, you’ll get 1 cent cashback on all purchases.


Once you’ve spent $1500 in Cashback Bonus category during the entire quarter, your earn rate will decrease to 1% for every purchase until the following quarter. This means that if you exceed the limit on spending you’ll receive cash back of $75 every quarter, but at a higher rate, and your earnings rate will decrease.


While the APR that this card’s intro provides for balance and purchase transfer are good however, you can discover intro periods which are longer. For instance it’s possible to find a longer intro period for balance transfers. Wells Fargo Platinum card offers the lowest intro rate of 0 percent intro APR for 18 months after the date of account opening for purchases, and then it will be 16.49%-24.49 percent (variable) APR is in effect. In addition, for balance transfers it gives customers an initial rate of zero 1 percent intro APR for the first 18 months on balance transfers. After that, it will be 16.49%-24.49 percent (variable) APR will be applied.

How do you make an account transfer using the it(r) Cash Back card? it(r) cashback

A balance transfer made with It(r) it(r) Cashback credit card cannot exceed the credit limit you have available. That includes the amount that you transfer, and the fee for balance transfers. The card comes with an intro balance transfer charge, with a maximum of 5% fee for future balance transfers (see the conditions)*.

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If, for instance, you have a credit limit, it isn’t possible to transfer a balance of $10,000. It is also not possible move a debt that is $8,000 since the fee for balance transfer could put you over your limit.

To transfer your balance online, go to your account’s dashboard, click on your account’s “Credit Options” tab, and then click “See Offer” under “Balance Transfers” for a view of your offer to begin. Once you’ve selected the offer, you will need to fill in the details of your transfer and verify and submit your details. Transfers usually take between 14 and 21 days to complete So, you should continue making payments to other creditors in order to stay clear of penalties for late payment up until your transfer becomes completed.

Is the Discover it® Cash Back right for you?

If you’re not afraid to deal with a variety of bonus categories that rotate and categories, it(r) Cash Back from it(r) Cash Back from Discover it(r) Cash Back provides the chance to earn an impressive sum of cash. If you’re looking for the time needed to settle a large purchase or transfer a balance from a different card and you’re looking for a cashback option, it(r) Cash Back is the card for you. it(r) Cash Back can be used for you as well. There are also cards that have longer intro APR periods therefore, make sure you do the math for how long it will take to pay for your balance transfer or purchase.


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