Confirmed flight but credit card not charged

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Confirmed flight but Credit Card not charged – Air Travel …

As long as you have been issued an e-ticket number (13 digits, all numeric) in addition to a confirmation (6 digits, alpha-numeric) you should be fine. 3. Re: Confirmed flight but Credit Card not charged. Charges dont always appear immediately.

Confirmed flight but Credit Card not charged – Air Travel Forum …

I booked a Lufthansa flight online, received my receipt and e-ticket number; but my CC has not been charged. The charge showed as Pending on my CC account for quite sometime but was then removed. My CC company has no record of the charge and Lufthansa says that everything is fine with my reservation. Will Lufthansa eventually charge the card again or will my ticket …

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FAQ confirmed flight but credit card not charged

Why did a pending charge on my credit card disappear?

PSA: A pending charge on your credit card disappearing does not mean that your order has been cancelled It's perfectly normal for a merchant's hold on a given amount of funds to expire after a few days if they do not finalize the transaction.

What to do if my credit card doesn't go through?

If you're saying they put an authorization hold on it, and your charge still hasn't been finalized, I would call them up and give them the new card details so that when they actually put through the final charge, it can actually go through.

Can a fraudster still place a transaction against my card?

They can still place a transaction against your card, and the fact that there was a pending charge allowed suggests that it would be unlikely for the bank's fraud filters to block similar transactions in the future, though this varies from bank to bank. I am trusting the seven gods that this is true.

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