Cheesecake Factory Menu With Prices ❤️ Latest Menu List 2022

Cheesecake Factory Menu Prices


Cheesecake Factory Menu Prices: is a large and well-known chain of restaurants located in the United States. It is also a supplier of cheesecakes. The restaurant is upscale and informal dining to its patrons. 

The restaurant began with modest beginnings, but it has grown over time by opening locations within the United States and in other areas of the globe. 

The restaurant offers a cozy and inviting ambience, with distinct décor. Food items are made from fresh ingredients. 

The establishment offers many options for customers, which can be seen in the menu. The restaurant prides itself on being an innovator in menu design and innovation. 

It is able to change its menu every year at least two times to include new menu items, and, occasionally, entirely new categories of menu.

The restaurant is renowned for its wide and varied menu. The chain serves an array of food items , with many options available to customers. 

The menu is around 18 pages long and contains more than 250 choices of food items along with over fifty types of cheesecake. 

People often wait for as long as two hours to get an appointment to sit down and take advantage of the tasty food. 

Alongside the diverse and innovative menu, the restaurant offers ample portions and legendary desserts, especially when it comes to cheesecake. 

The restaurant aims to provide a superior experience for every client by providing a unique experience for guests every day, for every meal.

Cheesecake Factory Items


Roadside Sliders$8.95
Avocado Eggrolls$9.95
Chicken Pot Stickers$8.95
Quesadilla (with chicken)$11.95
Fried Macaroni And Cheese$9.50
Fried Calamari$10.95
Hot Spinach And Cheese Dip$9.95
Tex Mex Eggrolls$9.95
Southern Fried Chicken Sliders$9.95
Buffalo Blasts$10.50
Fire-roasted Fresh Artichoke$9.95
Spicy Ahi Tempura Roll$11.95
Ahi Carpaccio$11.95
Thai Lettuce Wraps$12.95
Soup Of The Day (cup)$4.95
Soup Of The Day (bowl)$6.95
Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes$9.95
Factory Nachos$9.95
Factory Nachos (with spicy chicken)$11.95
Crispy Taquitos$8.95
Crispy Crab Wontons$9.95
Firecracker Salmon$11.95
Guacamole Made-to-order$10.95
Buffalo Wings$10.50
Buffalo Wings (buffalo chicken strips)$9.50
Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Rolls$9.95
Popcorn Shrimp$10.95

Small Salads

Tossed Green Salad$6.95
Caesar Salad$9.50
Caesar Salad (with chicken)$12.50
Boston House Salad$8.95
B.l.t. Salad$8.95
French Country Salad$8.95
Fresh Vegetable Salad$9.95
Fresh Vegetable Salad (with chicken)$12.95
Factory Chopped Salad$10.95


Caesar Salad$12.50
Caesar Salad (with chicken)$15.50
Sheilas Cashew Chicken Salad$13.50
Carlton Salad$13.50
Clubhouse Salad$13.50
Chinese Chicken Salad$13.95
Luau Salad$13.95
Grilled Chicken Tostada Salad$14.50
Barbeque Ranch Chicken Salad$14.50
Santa Fe Salad$14.50
Cobb Salad$14.50
Herb Crusted Salmon Salad$16.95
Seared Tuna Tataki Salad$16.95

Cheesecake Factory Pizzas

Cheese Pizza$10.95
Pepperoni Pizza$11.95
Tomato, Basil And Cheese$11.95
B.b.q. Chicken Pizza$12.95
Hawaiian Pizza$12.95
Roasted Vegetable Pizza$12.95
Spicy Meat Pizza$12.95
The Everything Pizza$12.95

Cheesecake Factory Burger Menu

Old Fashioned Burger$9.95
Classic Burger$11.95
Wild Mushroom Burger$11.95
Factory Burger$10.95
Kobe Burger$13.95
Wild Mushroom Burger$11.95
Smokehouse B.b.q. Burger$11.95
Monterey Cheeseburger$11.95
Blue Cheese B.l.t. Burger$11.95
Memphis Burger$11.95
Americana Cheeseburger$11.95
Macaroni And Cheese Burger$11.95
Veggie Burger$10.50
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich$11.95
Over The Top Meatloaf Sandwich$11.95
B.b.q. Pulled Pork Sandwich$11.95
Grilled Turkey Burger$11.95
The Incredible Grilled Eggplant Sandwich$11.95

Cheesecake Factory Pastas

Tomato Basil Pasta$13.50
Fettuccini Alfredo$13.95
Fettuccini Alfredo (with chicken)$16.95
Pasta Carbonara$14.50
Pasta Carbonara (with chicken)$17.50
Four Cheese Pasta$13.95
Four Cheese Pasta (with chicken)$16.95
Evelyns Favorite Pasta$14.50
Pasta With Meat Sauce$13.95
Pasta Marinara$11.50
Louisiana Chicken Pasta$16.50
Pasta Da Vinci$16.95
Fettuccini With Chicken And Sun-dried Tomatoes$15.95
Farfalle With Chicken And Roasted Garlic$16.95
Garlic Noodles$13.95
Garlic Noodles (with shrimp)$17.95
Garlic Noodles (with chicken)$16.95
Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta$15.95
Thai Chicken Pasta$15.95
Bistro Shrimp Pasta$17.95
Shrimp With Angel Hair$16.95
Cajun Jambalaya Pasta$16.95

Cheesecake Factory Specials

Chicken Bellagio$14.50
White Chicken Chili$12.50
Chicken Enchiladas$13.50
Salisbury Chopped Steak$13.95
Stuffed Chicken Tortillas$14.50
Cajun Chicken littles$13.95
Shepherds Pie$14.50
Baja Chicken Tacos$12.95
Fish Tacos$13.95
Caramel Chicken$14.50
Factory Burrito Grande$13.95
Chicken Di Pana$14.50
Famous Factory Meatloaf$14.95
Fish & Chips$16.50
Chicken Madeira$17.95
Crusted Chicken Romano$16.95
Orange Chicken$16.95
Crispy Chicken Costoletta$16.95
Chicken Piccata$16.95
Spicy Cashew Chicken$16.95
Lemon-herb Roasted Chicken$16.95
Teriyaki Chicken$16.95
Chicken And Biscuits$16.95
Chicken Marsala And Mushrooms$17.95
Bang-bang Chicken And Shrimp$17.95


Fried Shrimp Platter$15.50
New Orleans Shrimp$15.50
Shrimp Scampi$19.95
Shrimp And Chicken Gumbo$16.95
Jamaican Black Pepper Shrimp$17.95
Jamaican Black Pepper Shrimp (with chicken and shrimp)$17.95
Jamaican Black Pepper Shrimp (with chicken)$15.95
Bar-b-que Salmon$16.50
Fresh Grilled Salmon$18.95
Herb Crusted Filet Of Salmon$19.95
Miso Salmon$19.95
Wasabi Crusted Ahi Tuna$21.95

Cheesecake Factory Steaks Menu

Chargrilled Coulotte Steak$18.95
Grilled Pork Chop$19.50
Steak Diane$19.95
Hibachi Steak$19.95
Grilled Rib-eye Steak$24.95
Petite Filet$24.95
Filet Mignon$29.95

Cheesecake Factory Sandwiches

Renees Special$10.95
Chicken Salad Sandwich$11.50
The Club$12.95
Grilled Chicken And Avocado Club$12.95
The Navajo$11.95
Cuban Sandwich$12.50
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$11.95
Blackened Chicken Sandwich$11.95
California Cheesesteak$12.50
Grilled Shrimp & Bacon Club$13.95
Crabcake Sandwich$14.50
Grilled Cheese$7.95


Stuffed Mushrooms$5.50
Greek Salad$4.95
White Bean Hummus$4.95
Little House Salad$3.95
Beets With Goat Cheese$4.95
Endive Salad$5.95
Papas Bravas$4.95
Santorini Farro Salad$5.95
Chicken Samosas$5.50
Arugula Salad$4.95
Sweet Corn Fritters$4.95
Chicken Croquettes$5.50
Fried Zucchini$4.95
Crispy Fried Cheese$4.95
Mini Corn Dogs$5.50
Crispy Artichoke Hearts$4.95
Fresh Kale Salad$5.95
Warm Crab & Artichoke Dip$6.95
Dynamite Shrimp$6.95
Vietnamese Tacos$5.95
Ahi Tartare$6.95
Crispy Crab Bites$6.95
Shrimp And Grits$6.95
Shrimp Toast Lollipops$6.95
Fresh Baked Flatbreads$5.95


French Fries$3.95
Sweet Potato Fries$5.95
Mashed Potatoes$4.95
Fresh Broccoli$3.95
Green Beans$3.95
Corn Succotash$4.95
Sauteed Spinach$4.95
Fresh Asparagus$6.95
Hand Battered Onion Rings$4.50
Sauteed Snow Peas & Vegetables$4.95
Sweet Corn-white Cheddar Grits$5.95
Macaroni & Cheese$6.95

The Cheesecake Menu

Fresh Strawberry$6.95
Hersheys Chocolate Bar Cheesecake$6.95
Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake$6.95
Reeses Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake$6.95
30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake$6.95
Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake$6.95
White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle$6.95
Mango Key Lime Cheesecake$6.95
Fresh Banana Cream Cheesecake$6.95
Adams Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple$6.95
White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake$6.95
Lemon Raspberry Cream Cheesecake$6.95
Dulce De Leche Caramel Cheesecake$6.95
Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheesecake$6.95
Tiramisu Cheesecake$6.95
Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake$6.95
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake$6.95
Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake$6.95
Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake$6.95
Pineapple Upside-down Cheesecake$6.95
Dutch Apple Caramel Streusel$6.95
Chocolate Chip Cookie-dough Cheesecake$6.95
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle$6.95
Oreo Cheesecake$6.95
Low Carb Cheesecake$6.95
Low Carb Cheesecake With Strawberries$6.95
Wild Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake$6.95
Key Lime Cheesecake$6.95
Caramel Pecan Turtle Cheesecake$6.95
Snickers Bar Chunks And Cheesecake$6.95
Craigs Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake$6.95
Brownie Sundae Cheesecake$6.95
Cherry Cheesecake$6.95
Pumpkin & Pumpkin Pecan$6.95

Other Desserts

Hot Fudge Sundae$6.95
Godiva Chocolate Brownie Sundae$7.95
Bowl Of Ice Cream$4.95
Lindas Fudge Cake$7.50
Carrot Cake$7.50
Black-out Cake$7.50
Warm Apple Crisp$6.95
Lemoncello Cream Torte$6.95
Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake$7.50
Fresh Strawberry Shortcake$7.95
Chris Outrageous Chocolate Cake$7.50
Bowl Of Fresh Strawberries$6.95
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How to Order from Cheesecake Factory Online

You can purchase the products from the Cheesecake Factory by just sitting at home. Yes, you read it right. The company offers an option for delivery through its website.

To place an order for food online at the Cheesecake Factory, just go to the official Cheesecake Factory website. Choose”Order Now”. “Order Now” option. You can select either the Pick-Up option or Delivery option. Then, you have select the retailer where you would like to purchase.

When you select your store’s location, the site will display the menu items ready to be delivered at the moment. Select the items you want to order and choose the payment method. You can choose to pay online or by cash, too.

Your dinner is delivered your home and you can enjoy your meal.

Cheesecake Factory Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

For a quick glance at the nutritional content of the products on The Cheesecake Factory menu, just click on the PDF I’ve previously mentioned.

What are the Cheesecake Factory timings?

Every restaurant is open at different times. You may be thinking, when is the best time to go to the Cheesecake Factory store? What is some of the Cheesecake Factory opening hours?

Below is the Cheesecake Factory’s timings that you must be aware of.

Monday to Thursday11:30 AM to 11:00 PM
Friday11:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Saturday (Brunch served from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM)10:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Sunday (Brunch served from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM)10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Happy Hours (Monday to Friday)4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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Cheesecake Factory Franchise Information

Cheesecake Factory has more than 211 locations throughout all across the United States of America. Cheesecake Factory has stores in states such as Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida and more.

If you’re looking to start an Cheesecake Factory store, there’s how much it’ll cost you.

nitial Investment$150,000-$700,000
Royalty9% of Gross Sales
Advertising Fee2%

Important Links

E-mail Sign

Cheesecake Factory Contact Information

Cheesecake Factory Corporate Office Address– 26901 Malibu Hills Rd, Calabasas, CA 91301, United States

Cheesecake Factory Corporate Phone Number– +1 818-871-3000

You can also contact the team of Cheesecake Factory by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page-

Instagram Account-

Twitter Handle-

Pinterest Account-

Watch the Review of The Most Famous Items at Cheesecake Factory

What does the Cheesecake Factory menu include?

Cheesecake Factory menu includes cheesecakes snacks, salads, appetizers Pizza Burgers, Seafood, Coffee, Ice Cream and many other products.

What are the Cheesecake Factory menu prices?

Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake Factory menu prices depend on the kind of item you’re purchasing. Most of their items are between $5.00 to $20.00

Why is Cheesecake Factory so popular?

Cheesecake Factory is popular for its wide variety of cheesecakes. They are also well known for the quality of food and service they provide to their customers.

Does Cheesecake Factory serve seafood?

Absolutely, Cheesecake Factory has a variety of seafood dishes that are available for purchase, such as Fried Shrimp Platter, Fish & Chips and numerous other.

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