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Bloomingdales Corporate Office Headquarters

I have encountered quite a few issues with online shopping and slow, poor and non-responsive customer service. I don’t have a lot of patience and last winter and again this fall, I made contact with some of the Bloomingdale’s management and I can say that while it has been frustrating to experience these things, I was enlightened to know that they really did try to fix things for me.

Bloomingdales Corporate Office & Headquarters

Bloomingdale’s Corporate Offices. Colorful timeline graphics, created in-house by Bloomingdale’s, wrap the building’s core and circulation paths to narrate the history of the brand. 2 of 3. Bloomingdale’s Corporate Offices. The pantry serves as the communal hub of the space, with an open ceiling and black-and-white furniture that further …

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Is Bloomingdales a good or bad company?

What a bad company. Bloomingdales has the worst customer service and would advise you to take your funds somewhere else. Bloomingdales is by far the worst retailer I have ever dealt with. The customer service personnel have no clue and will not help you. All you get is the run around and never the answer you ask for.

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What kind of store is Bloomingdales?

Bloomingdale's, Inc. operates as a department store. The Company offers products such as blazers, dress shirts, pants, shorts, tops, shoes, handbags and briefcase, jewelry and accessories, sunglasses, watches, and apparel for kids.

Can I cancel my Bloomingdales order after it has been placed?

According to Bloomingdales website, you have one (1) hour to cancel your order after you placed it. So if Bloomingdales takes their sweet time sending your order out, there is nothing you can do about it. I really do not understand how they are still in business treating customers like this.

Can you get Bloomingdale's in your hand?

Put Bloomingdale's in the palm of your hand with a great app for the iPHONE®. Find out about the latest store opening and see why Bloomingdale's is like no other store in the world. Explore the history of Bloomingdale's.

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The Bloomingdales Corporate Experience



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